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"Doesn't kimmy love me anymore...?"

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An ex-shelter dog embarks on a humorous but poignant quest to reclaim his owner's love and his identity

Proof of Concept

🐕 This short film is where it all started! 🐕‍🦺

When I Was A Human: The Movie is based on a successful short film with the same title currently in worldwide distribution.  


"People will come away from this film feeling good.
The world can use a film like this."

Akemi K. Tosto, Writer/Director



Indy is a pup at the shelter nobody wants. When a beautiful young girl named Kimmy rescues him, Indy thinks he has found his forever home.

When Kimmy begins dating Jared, who secretly hates dogs, Indy panics that he might lose Kimmy and be sent back to the shelter. A mysterious Blue Dog Fairy appears one night and gives Indy a miracle dog biscuit that turns him into a human. Now, all Indy has to do is to find a way to show Kimmy Jared is not the man he pretends to be.

Through Indy's hilarious experiences as a human, he comes to realize he doesn't have to become someone else in order to be loved and that the best way to help Kimmy is to be the loyal friend and companion she misses so much.


Production Team

Akemi Kozu Tosto
Exec. Producer/Director/Writer

Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, Akemi Kozu Tosto followed her dream of becoming a Hollywood filmmaker by moving to LA soon after graduating high school. She learned filmmaking working on TV, commercial and motion picture productions helmed by such Hollywood heavy hitters such as Steven Spielberg and Quentin Tarantino.  A feature project “WHEN I WAS A HUMAN: THE MOVIE” is based on Akemi’s short film "When I Was a Human," distributed worldwide by Shorts International, the official short film distributor for the Academy of Motion Pictures. The project is currently in development through her production company AKT Pictures.

John Hermann

John Hermann is a Wisconsin-born, LA-based film producer who most recently produced “Standing Up, Falling Down” starring Billy Crystal that premiered at the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival.  Since 2014, John has produced nine feature films as well as commercials for major clients such as Honda, Lexus, Hugo Boss and Showtime. John also produced numerous hours of content for Disney, Warner Bros, Netflix and HBO.  John is a member of the Directors Guild of America. 

Maho Morita
Producer (Japan)

Growing up as a niece of world-renowned film director, Nagisa Oshima, Maho Morita was always around the entertainment industry. She flew to America to study English and worked on the set of the HBO series “The Sopranos.” After returning home to Japan, Maho became a film journalist and has been enjoying her success since.  In recent years, she is a film critic of TV network shows, as a host of special events, and the programming director at the Beppu Blue Bird Theatre in Oita Pref, where she founded the Beppu Blue Bird Film Festival.

Jorge Agraz
Associate Producer

Jorge Agraz was born in Mexico City and grew up in the United States and Europe. He holds degrees in Film Studies and History from Yale University. He has worked in production on commercials and feature films, including End of Days (Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger), Blade, Thirteen Days (Starring Kevin Costner), and Evolution directed by legendary Ivan Reitman. Jorge has experience in Visual Effects, production and producing as well as digital production technology.

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